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Commercial Roof Repair and Replacement Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Lloydminster, Saskatoon, Regina, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Canmore, Cranbrook, Kelowna, Vancouver, Whistler, and points between. Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan.

Systems Our Roofers Install (Repair, Re-Roof, Maintenance, Coatings, Deck Waterproofing)

Our roofers specialize in the disciplines of Modified Bitumen (SBS 2 Ply Torch On) Membrane, Advanced Built Up (Hot Rubberized Asphalt and Cold Applied Engineered Liquid Rubber), Traditional Tar and Gravel, Single Ply (EPDM, TPO, PVC), Metal / Steel Roofs and Cladding, Deck Waterproofing, and Engineered Coatings (Liquid Rubber, Spray Foam, Elastomeric).

Proprietary Systems: Innovative, Engineered, Advanced Repair and Replacement Systems

GRS has innovative, technologically advanced proprietary roofing solutions for roof repair, replacement, recovery, and restoration. 

Commercial Built Up Flat Roof - Tough Roof "The Last Flat Roof You Will Ever Need".
Tough Roof, which is proprietary to GRS in that we are one of the few authorized installers in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan for this significantly advanced roof replacement system (Tough Roof Re-Surfacing Video). Tough Roof is an excellent multiple ply, hot applied - rubberized asphalt, built up roof. Tough Roof utilizes synthetic rolls between layers of liquid asphalt rubber. In areas where a reflective roof is an advantage, Tough Roof can be coated with Tia Coat, a reflective top coat or topped with traditional pea gravel. For extreme weather conditions in BC, Alberta, And Saskatchewan, you can't beat the advantages of a multiple layer (strength), monolithic (no seams), rubberized asphalt (for expansion and contraction) roofing system.

Commercial, Flat Roofing, Built Up Flat Roof - Spray on Liquid Rubber.
GRS has developed a proprietary built up roofing system based on the advanced technology available with engineered modified liquid rubber. Using cold applied, liquid applied rubber, our liquid rubber built up roofing system is similar to Tough Roof in that synthetic layers are set between layers of liquid membrane. Instead of hot applied liquid rubber asphalt, this system uses cold applied liquid rubber. This system also has the advantages of multiple layer strength, it is monolithic - it has no seams, it is also rubberized and has elasticity of up to 1000% for huge expansion and contraction (which is important in Western Canada), and can also be topped with reflective coatings or traditional gravel as with Tar and Gravel Roofing. See: June 02, 2012 Edmonton Commercial Roofing Project Spotlight - Edmonton Tar and Gravel Roof Replaced with 4 Ply Liquid Rubber Roof.

Industrial, Metal Roofing, Restoration of Metal Roof Systems.
GRS has developed a system for Metal Roofing that is either leaking or is beyond its useful life cycle. Metal roofing on commercial and industrial facilities is typically low slope and they tend to leak at vent areas, fasteners, and at the eaves or gutters (ice back up is common). Utilizing the advancements in engineered liquid rubber technology which nano-technology has brought us, GRS has a monolithic liquid rubber coating solution that stops the leaks and can extend the life span of a metal roof at least ten years. We now have hundreds of thousands of square feet of coatings on facilities through-out BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan and we can confidently say this is this most significant advancement in metal roof restoration the industry has seen to date. The success of this system has been extraordinary. See: May 9, 2012 Project Spotlight - Industrial Metal Roof Coated with Liquid Rubber.

Services and Solutions

Services include; repair, maintenance, and installation of; flat roofing (low slope roofs), steep slope, roof snow and ice removal, roof cleaning, roof restoration and coating (elastomeric, liquid rubber, spray foam), roof renovations and roof-top unit retro-fits, cap flashing and architectural metal, custom roof construction processes, metal panel / sheet metal, deck waterproofing, skylights, various tile, shake, and asphalt shingles. 

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Roof Replacement Process

The process of due diligence when re-roofing is outlined in a complete step by step guide to re-roofing on our roofing blog at the following link:
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