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Our Roofing Company - GRS Roofing is a comprehensive single-source, privately owned Canadian Roofing Company. A grass roots - built from the ground up type of Roofing Company. Originally working as subcontract Roofers serving Roofing Contractors one contract at a time. 

Our growth is a result of core values we hold steadfast and the principles of excellence to roof craftsmanship we aspire to. Much of our growth is internal - Commercial and Industrial Roofing clients continue to contract our Roofing services to additional holdings and Residential customers tell friends that tell friends.

Today, the next generation of Roofers at GRS Roofing are training in the core values we hold and the roof craftsmanship we expect. 

Our Roofers - Some talk safety and quality and .... some walk it out. We don't simply preach or publish core values in the GRS Roofer employee manual. Roofers at GRS Roofing will readily share that we put to work the values we hold every moment of every day on the Roof. 

Our Roofing Passion - We find ourselves saying, "If a Roofer is looking for a job-job - this is not the Roofing Company to work for", and, "If a client is looking for half-fast-cheap-roof-workmanship - we are not the Roofers they want". 

Our core values come from a clear understanding that we are Roofers first, and that we are Roofers that run a Roofing Company second. We are committed to being Roofers that serve,  Roofers that aspire to pinnacle roof craftsmanship, Roofers that are good stewards of client property, and Roofers that have a sincere passion for the Roofing trade. 

Our Core Values Include - 1) An unwavering execution of Safe Work Practices, 2) A focus to true Client Service and Value-Add, Client Education, Accountability to our Word & Stewardship of Client Property, 3) A commitment to Recruitment and Development of Great Character, 4) Assertive investment in GRS Roofers toward Roofing Trade Education & Personal Development, 5) A passion for and reaching toward unmatched Roofing Specifications, Quality & Innovation, and 6) An awareness of and quantifiable action toward Sustainability.

Our Position on Roof Management Procedures - GRS Roofing company policy is to never rush a Roofer. Our Roofers are trained to put Safety and Quality firmly in place as highest and best... with real client service following... and then on to professionalism and character.... and to production as last. 

We put our money where our mouth is to this policy, the income of Roofers at GRS Roofing are directly tied to their personal record of safety and quality (of six qualifiers listed on the annual bonus structure for Roofers at GRS Roofing, production is 6th and in last place). 

Unlike most Roofing Companies, we do not employ Roof Superintendents to run around to sites and push our Roofers to produce and meet certain labor budgets. In fact, it is vividly against GRS company policy for anyone to hurry a Roofer employed at GRS. 

Now, a good hard days work is in order and we hold to old school values like hard work and keeping one's word, but we never rush the job on a roof. Rushing a Roof Installation results in compromised safety resulting in injury or death, poor quality Roofing workmanship, and company losses because we have to return to re-do the roofing job anyway. 

In Closing - With a commitment to good - honest hard work, focusing on service, safety, quality, and roofing staff development, GRS Roofing continues to be defined as a leading Roofing Company. 

Call +1.877.497.3528 or click here for a Roof Estimate, Roof Quotation, or for more information on how the Roofers at GRS Roofing can assist you.

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