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Engineered Liquid Rubber products we use for: Residential. Commercial. Industrial. Waterproofing. Roofing. Concrete. Metal. Structural. Foundations. Civil. Engineering. Mining. Oil and Gas. Marine. Agriculture and more

Waterproofing - Roof, Structural, Foundations, Building Envelope.

Environmentally safe engineered liquid rubber coatings. Available for roofing, structural, and building envelope contractors. Water-based, VOC, and solvent free. 

Rubber waterproofing products we use are applied to roofing, below grade, floors, walls, or at points of the structure that require waterproofing or corrosion control. 

Used during construction, retro-fits, or waterproofing maintenance to roofs and structures.

For example, we apply coatings to metal roofs for rust control or leaks caused by expansion and contraction, to warehouse metal wall panels that are leaking, around rooftop units or retro-fits, restore flat roofs such as tar and gravel flat roofs with liquid rubber recovery, during construction or to below or above grade foundations, and more.  

Cold-applied airless spray, rollers or brushes depending on surface or substrate.

Coatings provide a seamless membrane. Cures to provide seamless, fully adhered, flexible membrane which prevents water ingress and resists water damage, ultra-violet, rust, harmful chemicals, and more.

Products are worker and environmentally safe. For c
ommercial, industrial, institutional, and residential roof coating, concrete, and structural protection.

Corrosion Protection - Protects from Rust.

Rubber addresses industrial problems of rust and corrosion in an efficient and high performance manner. Used alone or part of a multi-layered coating. Protects metal from everything from salt water, fertilizer, rust, to acids with unparalleled success.

Engineered Coating products provide corrosion protection in industries from mining to oil and gas facilities to marine vessels to off-shore drilling to metal warehouse roofing.

Formulated safe, even in confined spaces such as storage a
nd process tanks. Using emulsion formulations,

Chemical & Abrasion Protection.

Coating solutions for industrial facility concrete flooring, interior walls, and ceilings. Applied to floors for abrasion and chemical resistance for high traffic or areas with occasional chemical spills, walls and ceilings for chemical protection.

For instance, Liquid Rubber’s A-Primer or B-Primer is combined with CreteSafe T-300 for flooring protection and similar bitumen/acrylic products are combined for walls and ceilings depending on application, substrate and environment.

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