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Staff Article. 
By: Tyler Sinclair. September 2, 2014.

Metal Roof Coatings: Liquid Rubber - Video Showing Scope of Work.

Our new coating video gives you an inside look at every detail from start to finish of preparation and application. 

"Scope of Work", "About Roof Coatings", “Video Table of Contents” also included below.

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Scope of Work

Engineered liquid rubber roof recovery: Pressure wash to clean, water test, and assess. Test and replace fasteners as required to complete deck, penetrations, and gutters. Sheet metal repair and penetration saddle fabrication as required. Remove old caulking as required. Hand trowel all penetrations, wall connections, fasteners, ridge, horizontal sheet seams, hidden gutters (if present), and eave edge at external gutters with mesh and high grade rubber as required. Apply coating, allow cure time, repeat hand trowel process above, and apply second coat liquid rubber (if spray grade, if roll grade one coat). Ten Year Manufacturer Warranty Extendable to Twenty Year GRS Maintenance Agreement.

About Metal Roof Coatings

Generally speaking, metal roof systems are constant aggravating structures. Industrial metal roof systems have a deficient design - they are water-shedding and not water-proofing coverings. Metal expands and contracts more than any other roofing material. Metal roofs tend to leak from expansion and contraction and ice / snow loads. Leaks are intermittent at seams (vertically where sheets are seamed together and horizontally where seams between sheets meet), penetrations (stacks, unit curbs, etc.), fasteners (fastener holes get larger with expansion and contraction), around the perimeter as ice back-ups at gutters and then under eave (hidden and external gutters have the same ice back up melt issue causing leaks), and at joints between roof and wall connections. Rust / corrosion may start at places, the seams and fasteners are vulnerable from expansion / contraction and snow loads, and any traditional caulking or coating won’t last more than a few seasons at best.
Remedies are either spot repairs-maintenance with caulking or more extensive maintenance which involves engineered coatings. Our recommendation is a high end engineered liquid rubber polymer coating that carries a 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty and has option to a twenty year GRS maintenance contract for extended leak protection. 

General Roofing is considered a pioneer and leader in engineered coatings. We have significant liquid rubber operations specifically serving commercial and industrial facilities with low slope roofs. We are responsible for many hundreds of thousands of square feet of engineered roof coatings each year. 

Our clients and/or job locations include companies such as Imperial Oil, Shell Oil, Husky, Telus, Fortis, Alberta Infrastructure, Transforce, Canadian Freightways, Credit Union, National Oil Well Varco (NOV), Teck Resources, Enbridge, Encana, Enerflex, TransAlta, Kiewit, Pembina, Telus, AltaLink and many more. (

Video Table of Contents:
0:00 Locations across Canada we service.
0:10 Description of scope of work.
0:35 Remove old caulking before washing.
0:40 Nisku Roof Coating (Alberta) - Liquid rubber site. Pressure wash before applying.
0:46 Check all fasteners. Re-fasten, replace, or use mesh and/or seam tape as required.
0:52 Missing fasteners cause leaks. Replace fasteners or use liquid rubber mesh and/or seam tape if deck substrate won't take the fastener.
0:58 Rusted fasteners.
1:03 Sheet metal repairs. A sheet metal repair tech is critical on the crew.
1:12 Sparwood British Columbia Coating - Rust and corrosion. Rust can be applied directly with liquid rubber and does not require a primer. Scrape of any loose material and / or rust before commencing spray or roll on grade liquid rubber.
1:21 Panels with cracks require repair or mesh / seam tape repair before spraying.
1:26 Edge flashing preparation or repair. Repair or mesh / seam tape repair work should be done.
1:33 The horizontal seams are a constant area of issue for leaks. Rain, snow, and ice dam back-ups leak at this location. All horizontal seams require seam tape / mesh with roll on grade.
1:39 Important areas to prepare in advance of rolling or spraying out the final layer are the units and penetrations. Remove old caulking, use seam tape and / or mesh with heavy grade liquid rubber to all curbs, penetrations, and horizontal seams. Fabricate and install crickets where required and re-fabricate curbs as required to ensure a water-tight state.
1:47 Wall connections are often a cause of leaks and require preparation with heavy grade and mesh / seam tape.
1:54 Edmonton Roof Coating work site. The eave edge is often a problem area for leaks and ice dam back-up from the gutters. This particular eave edge terminates in a valley and becomes a large trough drainage system between two industrial buildings (the two buildings are connected with this trough system).
2:03 Another example of where leaks occur - where the panels meet the wall cladding.
2:10 The gutter to roof connection with a parapet wall detail involved is a major leak area. This industrial / commercial design detail is one of the primary areas we find causing problems. We coat the entire panel field area, gutter area, and up the wall to tie in all the sheet metal areas to make it monolithic and water tight so that ice and snow can't back up and enter the building.
2:22 Another edge to hidden gutter to wall connection example. Calgary, AB. The liquid rubber is two years old and we have had to return each spring to re-coat this area as the snow builds up against the parapet wall which turns to ice and the ice drives up the panels allowing water in the building. Due to expansion and contraction we sometimes have to re-service these areas for a few years to get all the problem areas (included as service).
2:33 Edmonton Roof Coating. This is another example of the same problem area on many commercial and industrial systems. Heat wire (heat trace) can help a bit but in cold areas like Alberta, northern British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and area of Ontario this isn't enough. If the first application of heavy grade and seam tape or mesh doesn't hold due to expansion and contraction then we simply re-attend for service each spring until we get it. As described above it can sometimes take two or three applications. If a roof doesn't have this edge to hidden gutter to parapet wall detail then the likelihood of return trips for service are very low. It is specifically this detail that can cause issue. 
2:41 This is a eave edge to gutter connection example with-out the hidden gutter and parapet wall connection. Just a simple eave edge detail with a standard industrial gutter can have ice dam back-ups and cause leaks. This area may be closed off with heavy grade liquid rubber and mesh if required to stop leaks and/or ice damming damage to the interior of the building.
2:51 Regina Roof Coating. This is a photo of the application in progress. The surface has been washed, the panel repairs have been done, the penetrations, horizontal seams, fasteners, and gutters have all been prepped with seam tape / mesh and roll on or trowel grade liquid rubber and the spray coating is being applied. This coating has been on for a number of years in Regina, Saskatchewan and has required no further maintenance and is leak free.
3:04 Lloydminster Roof Coating. This is a photo of the crew applying a second coat of roll on grade to the horizontal seam area. Prior to this application the crew applied rubber with seam tape. This coating has been on now for four years and has been leak free in an area of Alberta that experiences significant ice damming and expansion and contraction in the winter months.
3:10 Calgary Roof Coating. This is a barrel style "round roof" that we applied liquid rubber to. It also had a gutter detail where the gutter two buildings. The one roof being a barrel style and the other being a sloped industrial roof. The buildings expand and contract and move at different rates which causes significant challenges with waterproofing. This coating was successful and has been water-tight for a few years now even with the challenge of two buildings moving at different rates.
3:20 Edmonton Roof Coating. This is a challenge - waterproofing a major drainage system connecting two buildings. Significant preparation work was done prior to applying the liquid rubber. This application has been maintenance free. Note: the brown color is the "just applied" look - it turns black as it dries. Liquid rubber can also be coated with cool colors or reflective colors if the black color is an issue. 
3:26 Edmonton Roof Coating. Another example of the gutter to wall parapet detail. The goal is to make them all connected to be monolithic so that no moisture can enter at any point.
3:34 Fort McMurray Roof Coating. Application to industrial facility in progress.
3:39 Roof to wall connection that was leaking prior to our application.
3:42 Preparation of seams and fasteners.
3:46 Wall connection that was leaking prior to our application.
3:50 Photo shows mesh between layers of roll on grade when prepping seams.
3:54 Penetration / heat stack prepared in advance of final coating.
3:58 Photo of seams, fasteners with a penetration prepped.
4:02 Seam mesh in photo.
4:06 Large industrial roof in Nisku, Alberta with numerous stacks, stands, seams, fasteners, and various penetrations. Is also showing rust issues.
4:10 Curb of unit, seams and fasteners prepped.
4:14 Close-up of curb maintenance and prep.
4:18 Photo of vent and various units Connection penetrations being waterproofed with roll on prep.
4:22 Mesh detail in photo.
4:26 Completed coating Edmonton, Alberta.
4:30 Completed project.
4:34 Photo of job in progress (half completed) over industrial administration offices.
4:39 Same as in 4:34 photo of industrial roof. Notice even the saddles are repaired and then coated at the curbs of vents and units.
4:43 Photo of completed job.
4:46 Same as 4:43.
4:53 Saskatoon Roof Coating. Completed coating to industrial roof in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. All vents, stacks and skylights are flashed in well with trowel or roll on grade with mesh prior to spray application.
4:56 Leduc Roof Coating. Completed project in Leduc, Alberta.
4:58 Calgary Roof Coating. Completed project in Calgary Alberta.
5:01 Nisku Roof Coating. Completed project in Nisku, Alberta.
5:04 - 5:16 Spray technicians and crews at work coating Edmonton and Nisku, Alberta area low slope industrial roofs.
5:17 - 5:21 Major industrial facility in the Stony Plain / Edmonton area receiving roof maintenance package. Once the coating was finished it has not required service since. It has been leak free for years.
5:22 Nisku Alberta site in progress.
5:25 - 6:52 Video of crew spraying rubber to roof that was prepared previously and now is getting the spray application to the whole roof.

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