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General Roofing Systems Canada is a Building Envelope and Roofing Contractor. We Serve Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Clients Located in Mississauga Ontario and Area. 

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Mississauga roofing services include: steep pitch and flat roofing, flat roof inspections, maintenance, roof repair, sheet metal, metal roofing, custom flashing, roof coatings, emergency roof repairs, rooftop deck membranes, replacement, and a comprehensive building envelope contract service covering the complete exterior of any building.

Comprehensive Single Contractor Solutions:

  • Services for: Commercial. Industrial. Institutional. Residential. 
  • Flat Roof. Flat Roofers Tar Gravel (Built-up), SBS Torch-On, EPDM, TPO, PVC.
  • Sloped / High Pitch. Shingles, Concrete Tile, Shakes, Slate.
  • Metal Roofs. Standing Seam, Metal Shingles, Tin Roofs, Ribbed.
  • Sheet Metal. Flashing. Drains. Retro-fits. Mechanical Curbs.
  • Roofing Repairs. Roof Insurance Claims, Roof Leak Tracking.
  • Roofing Installations (New Roofing / Re Roofing). Rooftop Decks and Patios.
  • Roof Maintenance. Roof Ice Dam and Roof Snow Removal, Spray Foam.
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We believe in quality workmanship and trade credentials. GRS is Licensed. We have 5,000,000.00 Liability Insurance. Incorporated. WCB Registered. Certified. BBB Accredited. We offer a Lifetime Unconditional Workmanship Guarantee.

Leak Tracing: Mississauga is susceptible to weather damage caused by heavy wind-driven rains, hail, and lightning. According to the CBC, the City of Toronto’s infrastructure committee was quoted as saying that “Toronto not built for severe rainstorms”, which holds true for the surrounding area as well.

We provide a 24 hour emergency leak repair service that is available throughout the year. Our proven track record has centered on performing “live” repairs for industrial and commercial clients, with the aim of mitigating future problems which may be caused by leaks/water damage. With a service record that includes Fortune 500 companies, we understand that every minute is valuable, and even a minor cease in operations means a significant loss of revenue.

The infrastructure and roofing systems which cover Mississauga’s commercial buildings has meant that roof leaks are a reality for many business owners, even during years with typical precipitation. Districts around the center of Mississauga and the Pearson International Airport have especially shown themselves to be susceptible, with satellite imagery revealing exposed penetrations. While some site managers may be tempted to reduce costs by performing maintenance measures on their own, leak tracing is a technical component of a Red Seal roofer’s education and experience.

While an inspection “by eye” will certainly reveal surface damage, other points such as leak patterns are not so obvious. Only a trained technician can say whether you are experience a true leak as a result of incorrect drainage, sloped, or building envelope/structural issues. Many of our clients have also mistaken condensation forming in their attics for leak entry. It is vital that you call a highly experienced contractor to inspect your roof to mitigate building envelope and structural water damage.

SBS Modified Torch-On: Representing a minority of flat roofs in Mississauga, some institutional and commercial buildings have elected to have modified bitumen membranes torched-on. However, it becomes immediately apparent that without coatings, these systems are not sufficiently waterproofed.

Refer to the photo below of an institutional building with an uncoated membrane. Particularly along the perimeter, there are signs of tear-off beginning to form, which may have been caused by incorrect torching during its installation or age. Over time, blisters and tears form as a result of air/gas becoming trapped under the membrane.

SBS modified torch-on roofing with signs of tearing along the perimeter on a church building along Hurontario St., Mississauga, ON. Imagery taken from Google Maps.

Torch-on roofing is highly specialized and should only be performed by an accredited, insured, and experienced Red Seal roofer.

Synthetic: Using the school along Harvest Drive as an example, we see that several flat roofing systems on these buildings have used EPDM membranes. In this case, the membranes were either not completely adhered or rolled out evenly over the roof substrate. As a result, heavy staining can be seen around the center of the roof, clear signs of water damage leftover by ponding. This also indicates insufficient sloping or clogged drains. Part of our synthetic flat roofing portfolio also includes re-sloping, which aims to solve and mitigate water ponding and associated roof leaks.

School with a stained EPDM flat roof on Harvest Dr., Mississauga, ON. Imagery taken from Google Maps.

If your roof has accrued major surface damage to the membrane, we also perform recoveries with elastomeric liquid rubber coatings. We also perform overlays if your roofing system is in disrepair. Our proprietary method involves a combination of mechanical fasteners and adhesives. This way, we ensure that components of a roofing assembly (parapet walls, air conditioning units, rooftop appliances, etc.) are sealed off as potential water entry points in the future.

Reflective Systems: Average highs in the Greater Toronto area go up to 25 degrees Celsius, as well as an extended spring/summer season. As a result, many commercial flat roofs have taken advantage of the City of Toronto’s Eco-Roof Incentive Program, having reflective elastomeric coatings installed over their existing systems.

We have specialized in reflective coatings since our company’s inception. While the Energy Star and Cool Roof Rating Council have mandated a minimum 70% reflectivity rating, we consistently achieve and exceed 90% with an effective installation. Our Red Seal roofers are also well-versed with roof repairs and recoveries involving elastomeric technology.

Our proprietary installation method extends across flat roofing systems such as single-ply synthetic membranes and modified bitumen. Once adhered, elastomeric coatings are both weather and waterproofing, expanding up to 1200% their original shape and size. This makes this class of products ideal for regions experience heavy precipitation. Consider, as an example, a commercial roof which experiences heavy foot traffic along a coastline. In this case, we would recommend having a synthetic EPDM membrane installed, followed by coatings, affording your roof two layers of protection. Besides the energy savings provided by the coatings, the lower membrane layer on its own also provides significant waterproofing features.

Metal: Some institutional and commercial buildings in Mississauga, such as those found in Celebration Square, are covered by sloped metal roofing. Below, we have detailed specific categories of metal systems which we inventory and service, with photos of examples for each type found in Mississauga.

Standing Seam: This metal system is an industrial standard, and we make a wide selection of colour choices and profiles available to our clients. Standing seam systems are fabricated from a series of interlocking metal roofing panels running vertically from the roof ridge to the eave. Water is able to run off the roof without seeping between the panels since the interlocking seams, which are referred to as “standing”, are joined together and raised above the roofing surface.

Coloured standing seam metal roof covering a historical site in Celebration Square, Mississauga, ON. Imagery taken from Google Maps.

With an unmatched durability and high investment value, standing seam roofing is becoming a rapidly popular system. Mississauga and area are unique in that many of the coloured standing seam systems cover historical sites with Edwardian-style architecture. With time, many more commercial centers have begun to realize the water-shedding potential of these systems and have been used for other cases such as marinas. With proper maintenance, standing seam roofs last for decades.

Flat Lock Panels: Found on Mississauga’s shopping centers, flat lock panel metal roofing describes a system with a series of interlocking panels that have panel joints which conceal fasteners and an integrated panel clip system.

Residential Shingling

Asphalt: Mississauga is no exception to the popularity of Edwardian-era architecture for its residential suburbs. Asphalt-based shingling is used primarily for its waterproofing features, and is suited to the wind-driven rains which the Greater Toronto Area experiences. Additives such as fiberglass/rubber modifiers are often added to asphalt shingles for further waterproofing.

We offer repair and maintenance services for many different shingle styles: 3-tab, T-Lock, laminate, designer, shake/tile, and textured. Regardless of style, the most common problems in high wind environments are shingle blow-offs and surface damage. While the steep sloping found on Edwardian-style houses provides positive water drainage, wind-driven rainfall and ice damming are still significant causes of surface damage.

Cedar: Wooden materials such as cedar are appropriate for waterproofing against wind-driven rains. While asphalt shingle provides a lower price per square foot, premium cedar shakes pay for themselves in terms of repair and maintenance costs over time.

Example of a well-maintained Edwardian style cedar roof along Courtland Cres., Mississauga, ON. Imagery taken from Google Maps.

Our repair process includes:

  • Leak tracing.
  • Replacement.
  • Spot repairs.

The following are some guidelines to follow when you are inspecting your roof include:

  • Noting down the location of split/curled shingles and shakes.
  • Looking for stains/moisture in the attic which corresponds to exterior damage.
  • Do not attempt to perform an inspection without proper equipment and insurance, especially if your roof has a sufficiently steep slope. Wooden materials retain moisture, which creates a slippery work environment.
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