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Thank you for considering General Roofing Systems Canada (GRS).

It is important you hire a roofing company you can trust. Hiring a roofing company of like mind (having the same purpose you have for the task at hand) is critical. It results in a high probability of success. 

Before you hire a roofing company consider the points below.

Trust. Trusting the Wrong Roofing Contractors Can Cost You

Financial Loss. Hiring the wrong roofing contractor can quickly cost you thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars. News story, "Attorney General Sues Roofing Company", news story, "CTV - Gordon Campbell Found Responsible in Roofer's Death for Not Ensuring Safety".

Lives. The roofing company you hire literally has lives in their hands. The lives of their roofers, your family or workers, the public, and others are in the roofing company's hands.

Link, "Government of Alberta OHS Safe Workplace Convictions", link "Ten Most Dangerous Jobs", link "CBC News - Roofer Falls to Death at Gordon Campbell's BC House", link Edmonton Roofing Company Penalized in Roof Safety Violation

To Understand a Roofing Contractor's Purpose - Start With the FactsHiring Roofing Contractors, Flat, Sloped, Metal, Shingles, Tile, Shake, Cedar, Rubber, Roofers 

Fact 1 - A roof repair or a roof replacement is a significant investment. A roof replacement may be one of the more significant investments you will ever make.  

Fact 2 - A poor roof installation can cause you significant and immediate consequences.

- A poor roof installation that has to be repaired or replaced will cause significant and immediate financial loss to you and the roofing company you hired (if they stay around).

- A poor roof will cause significant and immediate aggravation to you, your spouse potentially, your workers if commercial or industrial, and possible aggravation to others.

Fact 3 - Inferior workmanship, specification, or material will shorten the life span of your investment by give or take 50%. Would you buy a car that would last half the time if the cost was comparable?

Fact 4 - A poorly executed work site or inadequate compliance can be devastating. A poorly executed work site or inadequate compliance can be a life changing or ending experience for a worker, a roofing company, an occupant, a passer-by, or a client. Would you buy a new car that you knew had even a small probability of malfunctioning and killing someone?

Mitigating Potential Client Loss- A Significant Responsibility 

General Roofing Systems Canada (GRS) is a purpose driven company. We believe our profession and responsibilities to be more about what we stand for than what we sell.

Understanding the purpose of our profession and more specifically the company you are contracting will assist you in discovering whether we or another contractor are the right company to serve your needs. 

For some customers, the idea of engaging a roof replacement or repair can be very stressful. For others the idea of dealing with their roof repair or replacement can be a simple annoyance. And with others it becomes an educational process they engage in and become very involved.

We know from successful (and not so successful) experience that our most successful jobs come hand in hand with customers that are educated to (or of like-mind) toward the purpose and goals of the task at hand.

This purpose driven "like-mindedness" (by the way) is a goal with all staff we hire and train too.

Our Purpose? The Protection of Your Most Prized Assets

How does a roofing contractor best protect your most prized assets?
With the best possible roofers, material, installation processes (specifications), accreditation, work-site compliance, work-site protocols, and workmanship guarantee.

The truth is, there is no other way to give you the 
highest probability of protecting your most significant assets.

The best roofers are roofers that can complete the work you require in such a way that they give you the highest probability of protecting your most important assets.

What do the Best Roofing Contractors Look Like?  

1. The Best Possible Accredited Roofers
In most every GRS company truck there is a Senior Red Seal Inter-provincial Roofer with an apprentice learning and training under him/her. We not only invest in our leaders, we are investing every minute of every work day in the next generation of roofers. Our commitment to staffing every possible work truck with a Red Seal Roofer is a significant undertaking. 

2. The Best Possible Roofing Material
GRS uses only the best possible roofing material. Ask us about the material we will use on your roof. We can explain specifically why the material we spec is the best available for your specific roofing job. 

 3. The Best Possible Specifications 
GRS specifications are always written to the very best known methods of application Ask us about the specifications of application we have planned for your specific roof and why we know that way to be the best possible way to apply your roof system.

4. The Best Possible Accreditation 
A Red Seal Roofer is the highest accreditation available to a roofer. Our mandated goal is to have one Red Seal Roofer in every company truck. Fall protection, work site safety, first aid, and all other standard accreditation are in place with our crews.

The Best Possible Work Site Compliance
We are in the top one half of one percent. GRS is serious about compliance and accreditation. We are registered to ISNetworld. Less than half of 1% of roofing companies are ISNetworld registered companies. ISNetworld is a global compliance system for capital intensive industry. We work for the largest corporations in the world and they demand safety and company compliance. This same compliance is in effect when our crews are on your home or business.

The Best Possible Work Site Protocols 
Work site protocols are what a roofing company does in addition to the various compliance listed above. In our case, our protocol platform is internet based and comprehensive. GRS has invested significantly in our protocol system, to the point that every crew truck has a computer, printer, scanner, internet, gps, and everything required to be an extension of the office and report effectively. All safety documentation, blue prints, specification changes, and much more are available and at the finger tips of the manager in the field and office - real-time, 24 hours a day.

The Best Possible Workmanship Guarantee
Our Workmanship Guarantee is that we unconditionally guarantee the workmanship we perform for the life-time you own your property, whether it be residential, commercial, industrial, or institutional. There is no better way to guarantee one's work.

The Best Roof Will Protect Your Most Valuable and Prized Possessions

Consider the cost of having a roofer fall off your roof and being seriously injured or killed if the company you hire does not have liability insurance or enough liability insurance (we carry 5,000,000.00 for a reason - it protects you the home-owner or business owner). Or if the roofing company is not registered or licensed properly. Or if they are not WCB or Work-safe registered or they are registered but not current with remittances. Or if one of the roofing company's worker vehicles hits a pedestrian and their vehicle insurance isn't current or enough? Depending on the scope, we have some vehicles with 5,000,000.00 in insurance. 

The best roof will literally protect your property and possessions. Water damage to your roof system or possessions can be a significant expense.

The best roof will protect the health, safety, and welfare of the most important people in your life - your family, workers, and customers.

The best roof (if commercial or industrial) can protect your cash-flow. Down-time in a manufacturing plant, a warehouse, or a retail store can affect cash-flow and commitments. 

The best roof can even protect your time and staff's time. It takes time to deal with roof repairs.

And the best roof will even protect the state of mind of family, workers, and yourself.

How do we Start? The Assessment and Estimation Process

Our first goal or milestone when a potential customer is considering GRS is to package all relevant information that you need (specific to your scenario), in a manner for your most efficient review.

General Roofing Systems Canada is somewhat unique in that we install and repair almost every roof system known. We possess both traditional roof systems and proprietary roof systems and methods. This puts us in a position to present all options specific to your needs for your ease of review.

Ultimately, this process allows you to become truly involved - in real educated decision making, with the least amount of effort or annoyance, knowing that you have considered all options for what is by any standard a very considerable asset management decision.

We typically start with providing for your review a preliminary roof assessment report and quotation (at no charge) via email within about a week of your inquiry (seasonal fluctuations can make it a longer or shorter duration).

The quotation and report will include all system options available (traditional and innovative), pricing for each, ways to execute a roofing project such as yours (replacement, repair, recovery, sustainability, etc.), schedule availability, credentials, manufacturer warranties, workmanship guarantees, and more. The report is interactive in that it includes internet links to information specific to what is proposed to further assist your research.

You do not have to be present at-site for this preliminary stage (unless you prefer to be in attendance when the roof assessment is done). If you prefer to be in attendance, let us know and we will set-up a time suitable for you.

After we have compiled a preliminary report and quotation, you are in receipt, have had time to review, and if we are still being considered for the work, we can then effectively address various questions you may have by way of telephone, email, or with our attendance in person.

If this is suitable, fill in our online inquiry form, email us at info@grscanadainc.com, or call us at +1.877.497.3528 and we will have an initial assessment, report, and quotation to you by way of email within about a week. After which you can call or email us at your convenience and we can go over details and options.

Thanks for taking the time to read about our company and for your consideration of the team at GRS!

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