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General Roofing Systems Canada (GRS) Provides Comprehensive Exterior and Pitched Roofing in Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Lloydminster, Saskatoon, Regina, SK, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Canmore, AB, Cranbrook, Kelowna, Vancouver, Whistler, BC, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Toronto, Ontario and points between. Roofing and Exterior Contractors Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario. 

About our Roofing and Exterior Services

Roofing and exterior services we provide are; new installations of roofs, skylights, siding, soffit, fascia, and gutters / eavestroughs, replacement of siding, soffit, fascia, eave, and roofing, restorations, ventilation, repairs, insurance claims, and inspections.

Market segments we service are; commercial, residential, industrial, and institutional roofing and exteriors. 

Material types include; s
hingles (fiberglass, SBS modified rubber, asphalt, metal, steel coated, aluminum), metal and steel panel roofing, slate tile roofing, clay and concrete tile, copper metal panel and architectural metal, cedar shake and shingle roofing, pine re-roofs, rubber tile, skylights, siding, fascia, soffit, eavestroughs, and vents.

Repairs include; roof leak repairs to all pitched roofing material types, roof and attic ventilation, attic condensation, chimney repair (flashing, re-pointing, capping), skylight repair (flashing, replacements), flashing repair (step, wall, valleys), and siding, soffit, fascia, and gutters.

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Below is a great starting point when considering the type of material available for your project. The types of pitched (high slope) roofing materials are categorized and include an overview of manufacturers, styles, textures, colors, and technical links. 

For a detailed look at installation procedures and the process of contracting work refer to our complete home-owners guide to roof replacement. It includes what you need to know about the roofing process, specifications, quality milestones a home-owner needs to watch for, and roofing contractor responsibilities. Click here for a Complete Home Owner's Guide to a Shingle Replacement 

A Guide to Materials Available for Roof Replacement

Roof Shingles | IKO, Certainteed, GAF, BP, Malarkey, and Owens Corning

Types Available that Cover Main Area of Roof Include 3 Tab, T-Lock (discontinued), and Laminates.

3 Tab 3 Tab

3-Tabs are the traditional looking shingle that have been around for many years. They are commonly available with 20, 25, and 30 year warranties; such as the IKO Marathon 25 year 3-Tab and the BP Dakota 3 Tab. We also cut them in three for standard roof capping. Some of the newer offerings in the market have a three tab classic look like the IKO Royal Estate - they are manufactured with a stronger laminated process than traditional 3 tabs.


T Lock  T Lock, Calgary, Lethbridge, Red Deer, Alberta, AB

T Locks are now discontinued. T Locks were used for years on roofs in windy areas (Southern Calgary, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Alberta areas and even in to the USA used T-Locks). Newer wind resistant shingles have replaced this style. If you require repair or replacement T Locks give us a call and we'll see what we can find or assist you with another roofing solution.


Laminates : Fiberglass - Asphalt "Designer / Architectural Style"GAF, Laminate, Designer, Architectural

Laminate or designer shingles are most commonly used in today's market. Popular examples include the IKO Cambridge, Certainteed Landmark, Malarkey Legacy, BP Harmony, and GAF Timberline. 

Premium or Luxury fiberglass-based asphalt laminate roof shingles such as IKO Armour Shake, the Certainteed Presidential TL, or the BP Eclipse GL are now available that have various textures and appearances that look like slate, tile, shake, etc. Also available are wind resistant, impact resistant (hail), and algae resistant shingles.

Manufacturer Links 
IKO  |  BP  |  GAF  |  Certainteed  |  Owens Corning  |  Malarkey

Shingle Selector (Styles and Colors) (off site link)

Virtual Home Re-modeler (off site link)

Capping at the Ridge GAF, High Profile, Ridge Cap


Traditional 3 Tab Shingle Ridge Cap  "cut cap".

The traditional form of capping is to use a 3 Tab available from any manufacturer such as Certainteed XT 25 Year 3 Tab Shingle.

High Profile Roof Ridge Cap  "3D Shingle Capping"
Shingle caps are now available in a variety of textures, styles, and colors are "high profile caps" such as the IKO UltraHP, the Certainteed Mountain Ridge, and the BP Meridian 3D
. The specially constructed roof ridge cap shingles are designed to provide a high-quality alternative to using "cut-up" 3 Tab roofing shingles.

Visit the Shingle Section of our site for more information on the types of shingles materials used (asphalt, metal, shake, etc) or the shingle types page that previews the different manufacturers of roofing shingles we install.


Underlay - Moisture Protection For Your Home Underlay installed before shingles.Replacement, Re-Roofing.


Traditional Organic Asphalt Felt Underlay
Comes in standard 15# bond such as IKO AM No. 15 Felt and a heavy bond such as IKO Saturated Felt Paper "AM Heavy Duty".


Ice and Water Shield - Peel and Stick Membrane Protection 
Ice and water underlay, or "peel and stick", is one of the main tools we have at our disposal to be sure your roof will not leak.

Used for waterproofing under shingles and other types of roofing material preventing water penetration due to ice dams or wind-driven rain.

GRS uses peel and stick underlay extensively at all openings and on every eave edge and valley. Our call backs as a result of these advanced products and our proprietary specification detail are very near 0%. See How to Shingle and Comparing Shingle Prices and Quotations.

A standard example commonly used in the industry is the IKO Storm Shield Ice and Water Protector....

In areas like Vancouver, BC our roofers contend with a lot of rain - a high quality underlay is critical in Greater Vancouver, and with roofing in Calgary, Medicine Hat, and Lethbridge, AB we experience freeze-thaw Chinooks that cause constant roof leaks, and in Saskatoon, Regina, Edmonton, Red Deer, Fort McMurray, and Lloydminster we have serious ice dam and snow removal issues. Roof ice dams damage shingles. In Whistler we regularly experience extreme snow loads and ice damming. The extreme weather patterns in Western Canada dictate our roofers use premium underlay. 

In light of these problems, at GRS we are more comfortable with a tougher - premium version of underlay (or membrane). We use products such as the IKO ArmourGard Ice and Water Protector or a product such as the premium Grace Membranes

Our proprietary roof installation specification also calls for extra wide Armourgard  - the 44" Commercial Grade Membrane Armourgard or the Premium IKO Goldshield Ice and Water Protector. In any area of Western Canada, whether for residential or commercial roofing, we use it at minimum at the eaves, in valleys, and at all openings. As a side note, all of our roof valleys are also done with metal in addition to Ice and Water Underlay (even if the spec calls for a closed valley or a weaved valley, we still install the metal in the valley to be sure it will never leak).

We can't stress enough the need for an excellent roofing underlay, proper attic ventilation, and more importantly, the need to hire a roofer that really knows how to install the underlay membrane properly.

Membrane wrapping around air vents, chimneys, dormers, vent stacks, skylights and other roof-top structures or apertures and especially in the valley areas is very important. See our Guide to Homeowner Roof Replacement and How to Choose a Contractor

Synthetic Underlay Premium Underlay, Titanium, Installed to Deck
Underlay is now available such as the IKO Roof Guard SB.
It forms an effective water-shedding barrier under shingles or alternative materials such as shakes, tiles, rubber, slate, or metal. Even in cold weather it’s flexible, easy to work with, and has a slip-resistant surface which allows workers to walk on it safely. We use synthetic roof underlay in conjunction with Ice and Water Underlay. Ice and Water membrane is better suited and more versatile for around openings, vents, chimneys, step flashing, valleys, skylights etc.


Metal | Steel PanelsMetal Roofing: Standing Seam Metal, Lethbridge, Canmore, Red Deer, Fort McMurray, Cranbrook, Canmore


Standing Seam Metal, Ribbed Metal Panels, Corrugated Metal

Standing seam metal is available in both a hidden fastener and exposed fastener and comes in many different profiles, colors, and dimensions. Also available are ribbed metal panels in variations and corrugated metal panels.


Metal Clad Panels

Today a broad range of metal roof cladding is available in many profiles, colors, and dimensions, such as corrugated and ribbed. Installation times vary greatly on the specific system chosen as does the price threshold.

Manufacturer Links - Trimet Metal  |  Westform

(Search for metal colors, profiles, textures, and styles at our supplier links)

Metal Roof Section of Our Website - Metal Roofing

Stone Coated Steel or Granule Coated SteelMetro, Metal Shingles, Steel

You can replicate the look of shingles, tiles, slate and shake with the benefit of solid steel roofing. A stone coated steel roof looks like the "real thing" but is more durable than many material choices, and typically comes with a lifetime warranty.

Stone Coated Steel Shingle Manufacturer Links
Decra | Metro

Metal / Aluminum Tiles

As with stone coated steel roofing, a metal or aluminum tile is available to replicate the look of shingles, tile, slate and shake with the benefits of metal / aluminum roofing.

Metal Shingle Manufacturer Links

Metal Shingle Section of Our Website - Metal Shingles

SlateSlate Roofing; Synthetic Tiles, Concrete Tiles, Shingle Roofing, Saskatoon, Whistler, Kelowna, BC


Natural Quarried Slate

Natural slate roofing is expensive and colors are limited, but it offers a long term beautiful solution.


GAF Tru Slate

Tru slate is a natural slate that has been hand cut and packaged for ease of re-roof installation by GAF/ELK. Tru Slate is available in more colors than natural slate in its original form and tru slate roofing is less expensive than real slate. We use Gaf Tru Slate on new installs and re-roofing / roof replacements on a regular basis.

GAF Tru Slate Website: Slate


Synthetic Slate (Thermoplastics or Composites)

Synthetic slate roofing is made from indestructable thermoplastics and is available in many colors and styles for residential and commercial roofing. Davinci Roof Scapes make an excellent roof tile as do other roofing product manufacturers.

Click to Visit our Tile / Slate Section

Synthetic Slate / Shake Manufacturer Links

Davinci | Certainteed Symphony | Distinctions Composites

Concrete and Clay TileConcrete Tile, British Columbia, Vancouver, Kelowna, Canmore, Regina, SK, AB, BC


Concrete and Clay Tile
Concrete and Clay Roof Tile provides an elegant architectural look to your home and offers the thickest textures available. Roofing tile can also be one of the longest lasting roofing systems. Re-roof installation time for tile is more lengthy than many applications and is improperly applied often. We employ only the best tilers our trade has to offer to ensure the job is done well.

Click to Visit our Tile Section

Manufacturer Links
Boral Tile

Cedar ShakesCedar Shake, Split Shake, Pine Shake, Vancouver, BC

Cedar Shakes
Cedar Shake and Cedar Roof Shingles are a long time favorite and Cedar Roofing has great insulating value.

Western Red Cedar Shake Roofing 
possesses great insulation values (approx. 400 times the thermal of steel), Cedar is resistant to rot and decay, cedar is moderately durable, and Cedar Roofing possesses an aesthetic appeal difficult to find in other products.

Cedar Roofing is also eco friendly and aids in keeping structures cool in summer and warm in winter. Being a natural renewable resource Cedar Shake has an edge over other less eco-friendly substitutes.

Manufacturers Links
Clarke Group (Black Hawk, Green River, Scott Cedar, Cedar Plus),,

Click to visit roof shake section of site.

Pine Shake

Pine Re-Roofing / Replacements and Repairs
In Alberta, Pine Shake was installed over a period time. The thinking was that it would be a more economical way to achieve the look and appeal of cedar shake with out the same cost. Many of the Pine Shakes in Alberta failed or rotted out prematurely.

We now replace many Pine Shakes every year in Alberta. Calgary Roofing Contractors and Edmonton Roofing Contractors commonly re-roof pine shake. 

Repairing Pine Shake is an option, however, many of our clients are opting to replace their Pine Shakes with another roof system. The issue being similar to continually repairing an old car, at what point are regular repairs still a wise investment?

Many of our clients choose to have us do interim repairs to Pine Shakes while planning for a pine shake replacement in the near future.

Rubber TileRubber Tile


Rubber Tiles

Companies such as Euro shield produce a rubber roof shingle, such as EuroShake™, like EuroTile™ and EuroSlate™. They are made from over 75% recycled materials, the primary ingredient being rubber from recycled tires, offering TRUE Environmentally Friendly Green Products. Impact damage from large hail etc. is of no concern to those who own a rubber roof as it simply bounces off.


Euroshield offers product in 3 foot wide panels which lock down at the butt edge to the course of each and fit into each other as you work your way across the roof, assuring a secure, weatherproof layer of protection against the elements. Any scrap materials generated from installation can be returned and recycled to produce more EuroShake™ material. Available in standard colors of Black, Brown and Greystone with custom colors also available. [source:]

About UsRoofing Shingles,Calgary Roofing, Edmonton Roofing, Red Deer, Fort McMurray, Canmore, Alberta

Professional Credentials, Safety Standards, Warranty, and Insurance

We take credentials seriously. We are Registered, Certified, Incorporated, Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accredited, WCB Registered, we maintain a Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee, our Safety Program exceeds Provincial Standards, and we carry a 5,000,000.00 Liability Insurance Policy for the protection of our clients.

Proprietary Installation Specifications Separate us From the Crowd

Simply put, our roofing installation specification is premium by any standard. If you look close - a roof is not a roof is a roof. There are "cheap" installs and there are "work-well-done" installs. The difference is most in "how" it was done and the "specification". Better described as the "craftsmanship". The material choice itself is a simple after-thought and is much easier than specification and the craftsmanship to get it right.

"It is less expensive to pay a fair dollar for a job done right the first time, than to hire the lowest priced contractor and potentially receive inadequate material, workmanship, or possibly be compromised with liens or safety liability."

Our Proprietary Specifications, or "manner of installation, specifications, credentials, and work site protocols" are of the highest our industry has to offer. We believe success to be in the details and our passion for the trade shows in all we do. 

To understand the difference a high quality installation will make, the affect it has on your roof material, roof ventilation, and attic, the life-cycle cost, and future repair and subsequent replacement, please review our series "A Homeowners Guide to Roof Replacement" or this article DIY Roof Maintenance Check List and Repair - Shingles (with photos)

World Class Project Portfolio and References

Our clients include Fortune 500 Companies, Government, Civic, Associations, Business Owners, Industrial Facilities, and Home-Owners. Review our "Project Portfolio" or blog and you will see our passion at work. 

Choosing Roofing Contractors

Choosing a contractor that is suitable to your specific project can be tough. GRS is best suited to those that take considerable pride in their home or business - those with an appreciation for a job done well.

We believe in a fair price paid for quality workmanship and material. We expect to be held to the highest principles of safety and craftsmanship.

To assist you in your search for a contractor that will best suit your needs, we have prepared a document titled, "Choosing a Roofing Contractor". 

Make Sure It's Done Right!

Compare our specifications to any quotations you receive.

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