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Options and Tips for Extending the Life of a Low Slope Membrane. 
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With extensive flat roof repair experience in various areas of Canada with residential, industrial, and commercial flat roofing our local flat roofers are very well equipped to solve any roof repair problem you may have. 
Calgary weather is different than Edmonton which is again very different than Whistler or Vancouver. Each area of Canada has its own distinct weather related flat roof problems and our local staff are well equipped for any weather related problems and repairs.

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Our flat roofers are tasked different than most in other roofing companies in that they work under a lifetime workmanship guarantee. They also have other roofers' repair knowledge to draw upon in our company - roofers that have installed systems and have done flat roof repair all over the world. They can defer problems or challenges to their co-workers and senior Red Seal Journeymen internally and bring the best solutions forward for your system.

Why Not Extend the Life of Your Roof? 
Residential, industrial, and commercial roof repair is possible if the roofing is not comprised of multiple layers with moisture that has taken over. Even in instances where there is some moisture in the system it may be possible to further extend the life of the roof with aggressive immediate attention and ongoing maintenance.  Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Fort McMurray, Lloydminster, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Alberta

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Options and Tips: Inspecting a flat roof leak.
If you are seeing water come in at your ceiling or along the walls there are some things you can do to assess the leak if you are inclined.

1. Find the point of entry of the leak and measure from the wall to the point of where the leak is manifesting on the inside. You do this so that when you go up on the roof you can measure from the outside wall.

2. Flat roof leaks are usually dues to a failure in the membrane. When you are on the roof look around at the membrane seams and try and find a failure. Once you find it mark the spot so that when our techs arrive it is quick to locate.

3. Another area of common failure is at the flashing. There is typically flashing on the parapet wall, around skylights, around chimneys and around rooftop units. Check the caulking and be sure it hasn't degraded. Also check the flashing to be sure some hasn't ripped off in a storm or been damaged by someone stepping on it.

4. Another typical location of a flat roof leak is the drainage. If you have internal drains be sure they are clear of debris. If you have external scuppers at the edge where the water terminates to the down-spouts be sure they are clear.

5. Standing water (or pooling) is the enemy of flat roof systems. Standing water will degrade the roof membrane quickly. If there is standing water you will want to be sure this gets corrected immediately.

6. On tar and gravel roofs a standard leak issue is from the roof membrane blistering. Blisters on tar and gravel roofs can be repaired quite easily by our technicians. Mark the spot so that they are easy to find when we arrive.

6. Tears and various other damage to the roof membrane itself are also common. Foot traffic on flat roofs isn't good for them and often we find that service people such as the mechanical people will accidentally puncture the roof membrane with screws, nails or even tools such as screw drivers.

7. The roof drains (internal) where they connect to the inner plumbing are another common leak area. Quite often the leak is coming from the drain to plumbing connection inside the building and isn't even a roof leak after all.

8.  Snow and ice build up are very bad for flat roofs. As snow melts and re-freezes it can turn in to ice. The mini ice dams can move along the roof as they grow like a glacier. The ice can be so forceful that it can bend steel. Ice dams can wreck roof membranes and flashing very easily. If you have snow or ice build up it is very important to remove it properly and safely.

9. Storm damage is another common problem. Debris flying around in the air can puncture roof membranes and high winds can tear off metal flashing.

10. And finally the other prevalent reason is that the roof system is just beyond its useful life-cycle and is old and deteriorating. If this is the case when can give you a number of options for roof replacement and recovery systems. 

We have a flat roof maintenance check-list you can follow to fully inspect for roof leaks.

Options and Tips for Work That can be Done to Extend the Life-Cycle of Your Roof.

1. Fixing Leaks Around Rooftop Units.
Leaks can be around a skylight
, penetrations, HVAC units, interior drain or tie-in junctions of your flat roof. This is especially common in colder areas such as Regina, Saskatoon, Edmonton and Fort McMurray, but does also occur even on the west coast of Canada somewhat.

2. "Spot" Repair on Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Systems.
Spot repairs can be done on specific areas of the roof where there may be blistering, tearing of the membrane or specific areas of soaked insulation. 

3. Temporary Emergency Service
GRS has a 24 hour, 7 day a week emergency roof repair service because many times a leak will come in the evening, on holidays or on weekends.

Our emergency roof repair technicians can do temporary repairs as required until you have more time to plan for more extensive repair or a full roof replacement.

4. Extending the Life of Systems by Re-Coating. 
If you have an aging tar and gravel roof that is not leaking, the life of your roof can be extended by scraping back loose gravel, cleaning the surface of the roofing thoroughly, and doing a re-coating of tar or liquid rubber and re-application of gravel.

We regularly perform this "life extension process" for building owners with tar and gravel systems. It is quite effective in extending the life of your system and it allows for achieving a more desired roof life-cycle. Canmore, Cranbrook, Kelowna, Vancouver, Whistler, British Columbia, BC, AB, SK, MB, ON

We also have roof coatings for EPDM, TPO, PVC, Torch On, Decks, and Metal Roofing that are very successful.

5. Tar and Gravel Blister Spot Repair
On tar and gravel (BUR), EPDM, TPO, PVC, and Torch On the water blisters can be cut out and patched. The life-span of a tar and gravel roof can be easily extended by many years through simple spot repairs (if moisture is in the insulation then it will too have to be cut out and replaced).

6. Repairing Leaks at Drain Locations
Leaks near drains are commonly caused by back-up issues, disconnected plumbing, a defective drain or a degraded membrane that is near to the drain.

Other common problems with leaks around drains are installers that neglected to install the blue seal drain expansion at original install, pipes that have come loose under the substrate (plumbing), and membranes that have come loose around the drain assembly itself.

7. Repair or Replace Flashing on Perimeter Walls and at other Details 
Damaged flashing is a very common problem on flat roofs. The flashing on top of parapet walls, at roof edges, around skylights and rooftop unit curbs is very important to maintain properly.
Damaged cap or wall flashing can also be a hazard for people or property if it is detached and becomes airborne in high wind situations. This is such a significant hazard that unfortunately pedestrians have been killed by flying metal debris. The liability danger goes up if there are nearby pedestrians, walkways or parking areas. Any flashing that could pose a danger to the public should be replaced immediately. For regular flashing maintenance, our regular service contracts do perform maintenance on each visit. Flat Roofing Repair Saskatoon, Regina, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Toronto, Mississauga, Ontario

Flat Roof Repair Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Lloydminster, Fort McMurray, Saskatoon, Regina, Canmore, Cranbrook, Kelowna, Vancouver, Whistler, Winnipeg, Toronto and points between.

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