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Roof Replacement / Re RoofingRoof Replacement Experts - Mobile Office, Emergency Roofers
Our roof replacement services include all roof systems for flat and steep pitch roofing including; flat roof membranes, metal, shingles, concrete, clay tile, slate, rubber, steel coated metal shingles, etc.

Roof Repair and Maintenance
Roof repair and maintenance should be a focus, especially for flat roof repair and maintenance. Pitched roofing also require regular maintenance for sealants, checking shingles, shake, slate, and attic ventilation.

Flat RoofingFlat Roof Vancouver, BC
Flat roofs are a specialty and require the best certified flat roofers - GRS employs Red Seal Certified Journeyman flat roofers. Preventative flat roof maintenance will save you money over time. Visit our flat roofing section. The picture is a flat roof house in West Vancouver, BC.

Roof-Top Decks, Patios, and TerracesRooftop Patio, Deck, Terrace
Roof deck membranes should be looked at as a roof that can be used as a deck. In other words, a roof membrane should be installed as the rooftop patio is over a living space or garage. If you wish you can add cosmetic material such as composite decking, tile, wood, etc. over the roof membrane (see Rooftop Decks and DecTec).

ShinglesShingles, Roofing, Calgary, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Canmore, Red Deer, Alberta
Shingle roofing material choices have exploded. 3 Tab, Laminates, Asphalt, Fiberglass, SBS Rubber, Shake and Slate looking shingles, and more. IKO, Malarkey, Certainteed, GAF, Owens Corning are some of the shingle products. Our shingle section.

Concrete and Clay TileConcrete Roof Tile
Concrete and clay tiles are a specialty trade. Our roofing tile installers are expert journeyman / women. Tile roofing demands a specific division to itself. The picture at right shows one of our Journeymen in Calgary, AB assessing a repair. Our tile section.

Metal Roofing, Standing Seam
There are many ways to apply a metal roof and many metal products available. Installation is key - you want to be sure the trades-persons installing are experts. Our blog has articles on metal panels, corrugated, standing seam, metal, steel, stone coated shingles, and more. The picture is from one of our Calgary Residential Roofing crew members of a roof installed in Calgary, Alberta. Metal roofing section.

Calgary Residential Roofing, Contractors, Slate, Tile, Vancouver, Whistler, Kelowna
Slate roofing is more costly than most material due to time and material cost. A slate roof stands alone and is one of the longest lasting roofs. There are quarried slate roofs, pre-packaged slates such as Tru Slate from GAF, and composite (plastic) slate tiles. Also there are slate looking shingles and slat looking rubber roofs. The picture is a real slate roof near Cranbrook, BC. 

Rubber and Synthetic CompositesSlate, Tru Slate, Shake Slate, Rubber, Tile, Synthetic Tile, Davinci, Tru Slate, GAF, Davinci Roofs
Rubber and synthetic tile offers a number of choices. There are rubber roofing tiles and there are rubber roofing shingles. Here again a specialty that requires the best installers.

Composite is one of the newest roofing materials. Composite is strong and offers profiles in shake, tile, slate, etc and varies in color and styles.

Roof Shakes - Cedar Shake RoofingCedar Shake, Shake Roof Conversions, Davinci Roofscapes
Cedar shake roofing is one of the best looking roofs. Standard issues become installation quality, quality of the cedar shake or shingles, and rising costs of cedar. If you get a good installation and good choice of cedar roof material then you will have one of the best roofs. Our roofing blog has more information.

Roof Shakes - Pine Shake
Pine shakes are typically re-roofed to shingle. Typically we see pine shake roof homeowners choosing shingles, tile or cedar shakes.

Shake Roof Conversion - Converting Shake to ShinglesClarke Cedar, Roof Conversion Re-Roofing Shake
Many homeowners with shake roofing convert shakes to shingles. There are shingle materials that have "shake like" looks, textures, and profiles. GAF, IKO, Certainteed, and Malarkey all offer roofing shingles that have "shake looking" textures. Also, metal and steel shingles are available with "shake looking" shingles.

Siding, Soffit, Fascia, GuttersExteriors, Siding, Fascia, Soffit, Hardie, Cranbrook, Canmore, Edmonton
Repair and replacement of siding, soffit, fascia, and gutters. Whether it is residential, commercial, or industrial, our exterior crews repair and replace all manner of exterior siding, soffit, fascia, and gutters.

Insurance claims are welcome. Our professional inspection staff will assess hail or wind damage to your siding, soffit, fascia, and gutters.

Skylights and Skylight RepairsSkylights, Skylight Repairs, Skylight Replacement, Skylight Leak Repair, Solar, Sun Tubes

GRS repairs and replaces skylights. Skylight installation and repair services include; sky windows, solar or sun tubes, roof lights, skylight flashing, and sun tunnels. Visit our skylight or skylight repair sections.

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