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Our coating division is one of the faster growing divisions of our company, which is due to the predictable waterproofing solutions now available as a res
ult of technologically advanced engineered coatings.

Recent advances have given us opportunity to solve waterproofing problems that only a few years ago were considerably trouble-some. 
Industrial Coating, Roof Coating, Liquid Rubber, Metal Roof, Winnipeg, Mississauga, Toronto, OntarioExpansion and contraction of metal and flat (low slope) systems, building movement, extreme temperatures, UV issues with membranes, expansion and contraction of various construction materials, design details such as expansion joints and structural additions caused traditional coatings to fail - usually within a short time of application.

With advancements in engineered technologies, primarily the result of nano technology and polymers, traditional waterproofing problems are now easily solved

GRS is primarily focused to roofs, however, the coatings we use we also apply to below grade applications, parking garages, concrete structures, tanks, plaza decks, oil and gas facilities, mining operations, industrial roofing, etc. Liquid rubber can be sprayed to vertical walls, expansion joints, and foundations.

GRS has a wide range of liquid coatings such as; reflective elastomeric, SPF - spray foam roofing, liquid rubber, acrylic, liquid polyether, etc. Engineered coatings now give us ample opportunity to choose the right application specific to the scope of waterproofing work required. 

Coating, repairs, and maintenance is offered to many different types of roofs; Flat Systems, Metal, Commercial, Industrial, Shingles, Tiles, Slates, Composites, etc.

Energy Efficient Technology


During recent years, the installation of cool roofs has become a major trend in the industry, especially on the West Coast and south of the border as it concerns cool or reflective systems. Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Kelowna, Cranbrook, Canmore, Saskatoon, Regina, Alberta, SK, Ontario, BC, MB


The reasons are simple, metal and flat roofs need maintenance, increased energy consumption, environmental concerns, energy shortages and vastly improved life cycle costing, Cool advancements are receiving much attention and are becoming a primary method of maintaining roofs.


As a leader in Environmental Roof Application and Cool Roof Technology, GRS focuses all assessment considerations toward energy efficient alternatives and life cycle - cost effective maintenance.


We are proud to be a leading roof maintenance contractor and look forward to sharing with our clients all that these new environmentally friendly systems offer.


Coatings and Cool Roofing


While many low slope products have a variety of surface colors and textures such as off-whites, gray, silver - none of these finishes are considered "cool" by today's standards.


To comply with standards such as Energy Star and the Cool Roof Rating Councils, the minimum reflectivity needs to be 70% or greater. Most times, a beige gravel roof, a shingle with white or off white granules, or even the silver aluminized only reflect to a maximum of 65% of the sun’s light and don’t meet standards being developed.


At GRS we supply, install, maintain, and repair restoration systems that meet or exceed standards being developed, commonly exceeding 90% reflectivity.


There are a number of restoration methods and materials.

In some areas of Canada a cool or reflective roof is best, and in some areas this may not be the best color choice for energy costs for heating and cooling a building. Nonetheless, we offer choices for both scenarios.

Below we address the primary roof coating systems and for further information call our offices anytime at +1.877.497.3528 toll free or request information online
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Roof Coating - Liquid Rubber and Elastomeric Systems


For Flat, Metal, and Sloped Roofs, Concrete, Wall Panels, Pipes, Vertical Exterior Applications, etc.


Elastomeric Roof Coating

- are a material applied by our roofers in a viscous state.


- have elastic properties – stretch and return to their original shape with-out damage.


- are one of the top ways our roofers solve leaks.


- are one of the leading restoration methods for all types of roofs.


- usually contain polymeric materials, such as acrylic, and a white pigment, such as titanium dioxide, which can make them opaque and reflective.


- are applied thicker than paint.


Water Based or Solvent Based? 

Water based coatings are easier to clean up but solvent based elastomerics are much better for ponding water that is found on typical flat roofs.


Types of Elastomeric Coating

There are many different elastomeric coatings for all different styles of roofs. When choosing a product, use a professional roofing contractor to assist with the best product for your geographic region, roof type, and use.


Polyether Elastomeric Rubber Coating

Chem-link (Barr) has developed a very flexible and widely used restoration product that can be applied to many substrates. 

It is rolled or brushed on and when cured becomes an Elastomeric rubber system. It can be used in numerous roofing applications and substrates. 

GRS uses Chem-link on many systems of various types with great success on a daily basis. It is black in color and looks very much like rubber. 

With no VOC's the Chemlink Barr product is environmentally friendly.

Liquid Rubber Spray-On Roofing
Liquid rubber is a term used for many different types of coatings in today's market. Like the Polyether Elastomeric coating above from Chem-Link, liquid rubber coatings are one of the newly engineered developments in the market. 

The Chemlink Polyether above is essentially liquid rubber, but typically we will use it in a roll on or squeegee application to horizontal applications. Spray on Liquid Rubber can be used in almost any scenario vertically, horizontally, for expansion joints, etc. It is very versatile, has great predictable success, and is applied efficiently with a spray mechanism. It is black and looks like rubber. There are liquid rubber acrylic top coats (color paints) available. 

Liquid Rubber is also VOC free and is environmentally friendly.

Acrylic Elastomeric

A very common coating used widely in the industry - it can be used on sloped substrates and is not recommended for low slope / flat with any ponding. It is also used on sloped concrete and metal.


Butyl Elastomeric

Butyl is commonly used product for flat (low slope) such as Asphalt Built-Up (BUR), Modified Bitumen, and Singly Ply such as TPO and PVC. Applications requiring a vapor barrier and that have minor “ponding” use this material. Major ponding needs re sloping prior to application of this material however. Butyl is also a commonly used product on metal as its elongation characteristics are excellent.


Polyurethane Elastomeric

Polyurethane is used on flat roofs, more specifically it is a good product for EPDM but can be used on Modified and Single Ply Roof Systems also. Low slope or flat concrete systems also use this material.


Silicone Elastomeric

Polyurethane foam roof clients use this a lot as it is very weather resistant and is a great protective coating for that application. It can also be used to rec-oat an existing silicone coated roof system.


Installation Procedures for Elastomeric Coating

1. Cleaning (as required specific to the application and roof)

2. Priming (in some instances)

3. Waterproofing (as required seal flashing, penetrations, seams, etc with caulks, tapes, etc)

4. Apply Top Coat (Spray, Roll on, Squeegee, Trowel)


Karnak offers a variety of high end coatings and roofing solutions.

Mule - Hide Products

When considering "cool" or "white" roof coatings, Mule Hide is one of our primary recommendations. Restoration, Retrofit, and Repair – Mule-Hide Elastomeric Acrylic. Elastomeric Acrylic for Smooth BUR, Smooth or Granulated MOD BIT, and Mineral Surface Cap Sheets. EPDM Restoration.

Chemlink engineered coatings possess some of the best in recent technology advancements and as such can be used in many industrial, engineered, structural type of environments.

Liquid Rubber
Liquid Rubber is used at GRS everyday in similar applications to the Chemlink Barr products. The advantage Liquid Rubber has is that it is spray on and it can be sprayed to verticals walls, below grade, tanks, and many industrial and engineered applications. Liquid rubber has been used for ten years now and shows excellent life cycle costing and success.

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Liquid Rubber, Roof Coatings 

Metal Roof Repair: Sample Quote Format Download (PDF). (
Details options for coatings, spot repairs, replacement, recover systems such as SPF (spray foam), liquid rubber, reflective coating, EPDM, TPO, PVC, Torch On, and metal on metal.

Metal Roof Coating Video: Liquid Rubber Scope of Work.
Detailed video showing scope of work. 

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