Roof Repair Edmonton, Alberta: Roof Drain. Flat Roof Leak. Failure Due to U Flow Seal Failure (Water Back Up).

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Staff Article.
By: Tyler Sinclair
January 27, 2013

This article is a result of a roof inspection and installation report prepared for the insurance agent by our flat roofing staff writer.

The client, a homeowner with a flat roof membrane rooftop deck in Edmonton Alberta, experienced a roof leak due to a faulty roof drain. The original flat roofing contractor failed to install the U flow seal at the drain when originally installing the flat roof. Recently a record setting thaw occurred in Alberta which caused snow on rooftops to melt quickly and the water to back-up in the plumbing. When the water backed-up it leaked in to the home of our client. The U Flow seal expands in the roof drain at installation to form a tight seal between the plumbing coming from the residence and the newly installed roof drain.

Below is a step by step description of the flat roof repair - drain replacement including photos. Private information is removed for privacy reasons.  

Report Date:
January 27, 2013

Subject / Location:

Customer Residence

0000 Donnell Road Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Customer Name, +1.780.000.0000, Customer Email


Report for remediation of roof failure at second deck level at drain, insurance file

Insurance Agent(s):

Morgan, +1.780.720.0000, Insurance Agent Rmail

Instance Report:

January 15, 2013

Attendance to location by GRS Project Manager for initial assessment and roof inspection.
January 16, 2013

Dale (Inter-Provincial Red Seal Journeyman Roofer) and crew.
Tech assessment completed.
January 17, 2013

GRS Project Manager, Technician (Inter-Provincial Red Seal Journeyman Roofer) and crew attend.
Job scope established.
Materials requisition established.
{Weather turned poor}

January 25, 2013

Technician and crew in attendance for the Edmonton flat roof repair.

Roof leak entered ceiling area of bathroom under deck at drain area.

Roof leak evidence on ceiling of home.

This shows a tight seal on what was removed - unlikely source of leak.

The seal of the membrane around the drain was excellent so it was an unlikely source of the leak.

The insulation is not wet at the top as one would expect if the roof seal was leaking. It is wet further inside, near the drain pipe/drain - where they meet.

Insulation around drain is dry.

The wet insulation surrounds the drain pipe where it meets the drain.

Wet insulation further down.

Vapour barrier intact at roof assembly at drain.

Vapour barrier intact.

This is the space between the drain pipe and drain where the water backed up and escaped into the insulation and then down into the home. U-Flow seal vacant.

U flow not present which will allow water to back up.

This shows the drain pipe as separated from the drain - the water came back up the drain and exited in the separation between the drain and the drain pipe. The insulation was wet in this area.

Water back up due to non existent drain expander - u flow

The drain pulled and turned upside down. U Flow Seal not installed. 

Drain turned upside down showing no u-flow.

New drain installation process with u flow, 2 ply modified SBS flat roofing.

Roof drain installation process with SBS 2 Ply Modified Bitumen Torch-On

Flat roofers at work installing new drainage.

Edmonton Roof Repair. Roofers installing new drain.

The new sealed flat roof drain with a U-Flow Seal installed to avoid water back up in future.You can see the blue u-flow expander looking inside the drain from top.

You can see the new u-flow (blue in color) in the drain looking from top view.

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