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Choosing Roof Shingles and a Contractor for Your Roof Replacement

Shingle roofing today offers thousands of choices. Home-owners have choice of standard 3 tab shingles, laminate or designer shingles. Shingles can also have the look of traditional slate, shake, tile and other appearances. The colors, styles, profiles, textures, price, and materials for roofing your home are near endless (see shingles we recommend and premium roofing materials we recommend).

It is our goal for this section of our website to assist you with not only choosing the right material for roofing your home, but also to assist with how shingles on a roof should be installed, how to choose roofing contractors, and what a workmanship guarantee can include.

Even if you are not actually installing the shingles and you are hiring a roofing contractor to replace your shingles, it is in your best interest to know the principles of how to install a roof right. This will allow you the best probability of receiving the value you should expect for your money.  

Types of Shingles and Materials for RoofingMaterials for Roofing, Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Lethbridge, Vancouver, Canmore

The types of shingles or the material that shingles are made from fall in to a few basic categories. 

Asphalt (Asphalt shingles or a mix of asphalt, rubber modifier, or fiberglass typically)

Asphalt shingles (or a mix of above) are the traditional style shingle. 

Examples are IKO, BP, Malarkey, GAF, Certainteed, and Owens Corning.

Our roofing blog has a number of shingle reviews and re-roofing ideas from the installers that install shingles everyday on the roof.
Asphalt shingles were once 3 tab or T Lock styles, and now there are laminate, designer, and shake and tile appearance and textured type shingles.

Metal (Metal shingles - aluminum, steel, or granule coated steel shingles)Decra Roofing, Shingles, Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Vancouver, Kelowna, Cranbrook, Lethbridge

Metal shingles use the concept of shingling in that the are small widths of material shaped like a traditional shingle and not long metal panel lengths like you would see on an industrial metal roof. Metal materials are available in various styles, colors, textures, and are made from various metals such as steel or aluminum and may or may not be granule coated. Decra ( is an example of a stone coated or granule coated steel shingle.

"Rubber Roof Tile" (Rubber Roofing Tile - Rubber Shingles)

Rubber shingles or better yet rubber tile is a newer technology. The rubber tile is manufactured typically with re-used or recycled rubber and has the appearance of a traditional slate or concrete tile. An example of which is EuroShield Rubber Tile ( 

Composite or Plastic (Composite shingles such as Davinci Tile) Tile, Asphalt, Architectural, Cedar, Slate

The advent of composite or plastic shingles on a roof are a result of advancements in technology with various materials for roofing. Composites or plastics are now used to create material that is near impossible to destroy and is available in various profiles and textures that resemble slate, shakes, metal, and concrete tile. One of the best composite materials for roofing is Davinci ( The Davinci tile is available in multi-widths and has a premium quality product.

For more information about materials for roofing, visit our pitched roofing page.

You Need to Know How a Proper Roof Replacement it is Done!

How Your Roofing Contractor is to Shingle Your RoofShingle, How to Shingle, IKO, GAF, BP, Malarkey, Certainteed, Owens Corning, Metal Shingle, Rubber, Composite

We believe it is more important for you to know the principles of proper roof replacement than it is to concern yourself with choosing the best material for roofing. The materials can be chosen quite easily, the manner of installation the contractor implements is much more important and will take more time investment on your part.

The reason you want to be sure your roofing contractor knows how to install a roof properly (or better yet, to the highest acceptable standard of installation) and is an expert in the specific materials you have chosen for your roofing project is that the life-cycle of your new roof shingles and attic space, and the security or waterproofing of your complete house weather barrier or building envelope relies on this.

You need to be sure the installer understands not only how to shingle your roof and how the specific roofing material works and is to be installed, but also how to assess the attic ventilation and roof venting requirements of your home to be sure the materials you use actually last and your home will not have leak, condensation, or mold issues after the contractor is long gone.

Take the time to research and save yourself a lot of money in future with proper roof performance. Our off-site roofing blog has a number of articles on how to shingle a roof properly so that it is water-tight and you do not ever have to consider problems with leaks and how to be sure that your attic ventilation is correct to avoid future roof ice dams, attic condensation, and issues with condensation leaks and ventilation problems. When you land at our roofing blog, simply search topics such as attic ventilation, underlay, ventilation, re-roofing, and more to be sure you know prior to allowing a roofing contractor the opportunity to error.

Once you have chosen the right material and you know your contractor is a quality shingle replacement contractor, you can then simply check that the roofing contractor has proper accreditation. 

Check to be sure they have resolution with any complaints they may have had in past with the Better Business Bureau. Ask for a copy of their Roofing Workmanship Guarantee and Manufacturer Warranty. Obtain a WCB or Worksafe Clearance for your protection. Ask for a copy of their Liability Insurance (we carry 5,000,000.00 to be sure home-owners are protected properly). After which, everything should go well for you and you should enjoy true "fair" value for the price you have paid.

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Visit this link for an important article for home-owner's DIY Roof Maintenance and Repair - Shingles (with photos). This article will not only assist you with proper care of your roof but also show you photos of what proper installation looks like.

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