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What Makes our Roofing Installers Different?

When our roofing installers get on a roof, they know there is one very significant difference between where they may have worked in the past and working at General Roofing Systems Canada.Roofers, Roofing Installers in Calgary, AB Lifting Flat Roof Membrane to Roof

They know that the work they perform is guaranteed for the lifetime you own your property. So everything they do is geared toward putting the highest acceptable roofing standards in place. 

Our Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee (separate and apart from the manufacturers warranty) allows them to slow down, plan, execute with precision and character, and it also creates a working environment that fosters teamwork, safety, and a very high quality roof application.

  • We hire roof installers and support workers on character and attitude and not ability. Ability can be trained.
  • We hire roofing installation managers that are known to be the best at what they do - deep in knowledge and experience. Ask us about our crew leaders.
  • We remunerate in accordance to our expectation to be the best at what they do. We maintain a very competitive base pay scale and honour great roofing work with quality bonuses and performance bonuses.
  • We maintain a company benefits plan for our workers.
  • Every roof we put on a residence or business is thoroughly inspected.
  • We invest in the success and future of our people. Our roofers (everyone from unskilled labour to top crew seasoned leaders) are company sponsored and certified in all categories of roof application for both sloped and flat roofing (or are booked to be certified if they are new to the company).
  • Our roof application and roof replacement installation checklist is very detailed and to the highest acceptable roofing standard, and is checked by the foreman and installation manager on every roof.
  • And perhaps most importantly, every person on your roof is an employee* - results driven partner. This means there are no sub trades installing the roof on your home or business*. This means we have control over every detail and level of roofing application standard. Our roofing teams are results driven through a company profit sharing plan tied directly to their performance, quality, and character displayed in the field.

The Result?

Red Seal Certified Journeyman Roofers, Edmonton, Toronto, Mississauga, Vancouver


Roofers that care about how and what they are doing.

Many of us consider it a lifetime craft - a roof on your home or business that is the best we know how to put on, and a new customer that is secured for years to come with a roof that will last and perform as it was designed - or hopefully better.

General Roofing Systems Canada is a quality roofing contractor and we care about the 
credentials required to stand behind our work and insurances to protect you and our workers:

We are Certified, Licensed, Incorporated, WCB Registered, Better Business Bureau Accredited, Red Seal Interprovincial Journeymen/Women, we carry 5,000,000.00 in Commercial Liability Insurance, and we stand behind our commitment to our clients in writing with a Lifetime Unconditional Workmanship Guarantee.

Visit our staff article: Roofers - How to Hire the Right TYPE of Roofer.

Visit our sample installation portfolio.

For an 
online estimate or more information click here or to connect with our staff in your area call 877.497.3528 today.

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* At times we are asked to complete other work scopes or at seasonal highs we may engage employees or workers on contract.

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