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Why is Attic Ventilation So Important?

Proper roof ventilation in your attic or roof space is critical to the performance of your roofing material, life cycle cost of roofing material and house structure, home system venting, attic condensation, roof snow and ice dams, ceiling leaks, R value of insulation, energy costs, health of occupants, and so much more. Saskatoon, Regina, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Toronto, Ontario

All to often, home-owners either inherit an attic ventilation problem when purchasing a new home or have a new roof replaced just to discover that the new roof now experiences condensation problems. Choosing the right ventilation is as important as choosing the right roofing material for your home.

For further research, we have a number of articles from roofers in the field on topics such as roof vents, attic ventilation, ice dams, condensation, and more on our roofing blog that you can search out when you arrive at our blog.

Also, you can visit our attic ventilation page which may help you isolate your ventilation problems with a step by step "how to" tutorial.

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Your attic space needs to breath with 50% intake air and 50% air exhaust venting, and it needs to be kept dry and cool. Your attic is like a lung for your home. You need to be sure the vapor barrier separating your house from your attic does not let warm air in to the attic. Warm air that enters the attic ends up on the underside of your sheathing which heats up the snow on the roof causing ice dams and condensation. Moisture in your attic causes mold and spores.

You also need proper insulation with the right amount of R Value. Your insulation cannot be wet and soaked or it won't work right.

And finally, you need proper soffit vents (which is the air intake) and proper exhaust vents at the proper ratio (which is the air exhaust).

Attic Venting Must Perform Correctly to Solve Problem

wind turbine, GAF, Red Deer, Lloydminster, Lethbridge, Fort McMurray, Medicine Hat, Canmore Vents at the soffit need to actually allow air intake to the attic space. Be sure that insulation is not blocking the soffit area. 

Vents at the ridge of your roof need to allow air escape the attic space. If snow is blocking the vents this won't work. If insulation is stopping the intake air from entering the soffit area or is stopping the intake air from travelling along the roof sheathing this also will not work. 

Vents at the ridge need to be in separate attic or roof systems if you have a home with a number of roof lines or attic spaces.

And finally, vents at the ridge need to be at the correct ratio. There needs to be between 1 square foot of exhaust venting for every 100 - 300 square feet of attic space.

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If you require us to inspect your attic space simply call our toll free number at 1.877.497.3528 or fill out our online request form and a technician can be dispatched to inspect your attic, roof vents, soffits, and more.

Exhaust Vents - Ridge Air Vents

Exhaust vents are the roof vents at the ridge or highest point of your roof. There are literally hundreds of roof vent options for attic exhaust ventilation on the market. Replacing exhaust vents requires some technical skill so we recommend calling a roofing expert. Lomanco attic ventilation exhaust vents are an excellent choice. 

Soffit Vents - Soffit Intake Air

Soffit vents are most often found under the roof overhang at the eave (behind the gutters usually). Lomanco and other companies provide excellent choices for soffit vents. Be sure the vent holes are allowing air in to the attic.

Roof Repair and Assessment

If you need roof repair or assistance with the ventilation of your home or business, call us at 1.877.497.3528, email us at, fill in our online service request form, or visit our contact page to link to the service area nearest you.

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